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in strength. not uncommon. still expecting this to be a major hurricane as he approaches the outer banks of north carolina late tomorrow and approaches our beaches, our mid-atlantic beaches towards ocean city staying likely east but too close for comfort as we go into the morning midday on friday. we're going to start showing you where the watches are. there's been a lot of folks who have interest in the outer banks. a lot of folks vacation there or have property there. a hurricane watch is in effect from surf city, north carolina to parramore islands. if you're a tourist get out because it's a tough place to get out of it. this is what our storm looks like here from our infared, color enhanced satellite imagery. we were looking at wave might heights a few moments ago. 43-foot wave heights around the center of the circulation.
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at the 5:00 advisory winds were 125 miles an hour, gusting to 155 building northwest at 15 and a little over 1,000 miles from ocean city. we'll see it maintain that category 3 strength here as it approaches and passes ocean city and then as we head towards even friday night look how quickly at 11:00 it's near martha's vineyard, cape cod. it will be passing ocean city around noon so this will really accelerate and gets out of here and so the weekend looks good as it passes into canada. we're going to cooldown very nicely. this morning we're 75. got some 60s in leesburg and sterling at 6. columbia 69 krofton and fairfax 74. today it's going to be another hot one, sunny, low 90s by lunchtime. low 90s for the drive home. high again around 95 and 96. it's 5:01. here's angie. >> good wednesday morning everybody. right now a couple issues early on to tell you about.
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first we want to take you out to 15 headed southbound. this is at route 216. so it's not in the immediate viewing area but it is effecting some of our drivers. as a result of this, we're losing a couple of right lanes because of this accident. hopefully it will be clearing here shortly. meanwhile, we're keeping check on 270. no problems to report out there. making your way from 121 down towards the split. our next stop 66 headed eastbound in virginia. all clear, nice and green. you're moving at speed here through centreville and ending with a glance at 95 headed southbound. near the thornburg area we're getting word of some brush fires taking away some lanes for drivers right before route 3. you're definitely going to want to watch for crews. my advice, avoid this if you can. 95 and thornburg avoid it if you can. hurricane earl is continuing to spin towards the east coast. it's forecast to at least graze north carolina's outer banks or more late thursday but
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virginia's governor isn't taking any chances. governor bob mcdonnell will declare an emergency later this morning. 9news now's kristin fisher has the latest. >> reporter: well current forecast put the eye of the storm hitting just about 200 miles east of virginia beach but governor bob mcdonnell is not taking any chances. he wants to go ahead and declare an emergency today just in case earl comes closer to making landfall so the national guard and state manual personnel have enough time to get in place if need be. fema is warning people up and down the eastern seaboard to prepare for possible evacuations ahead of hurricane earl. north carolina officials have already issued mandatory evacuation order for the outer banks beginning right now at 5:00 a.m. wednesday. so far virginia has not followed suit but governor bob mcdonnell is warning that evacuation orders are not out of the question for residents along the virginia coast. right now, the category 3 storm
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just downgraded from a category 4 is expected to brush the carolinas late thursday and then head north hugging the coastline but even without a direct hit on land, earl is still very dangerous. governor mcdonnell is warning there's some risk of tropical storm-force winds along the coast, minor flooding and a storm surge but at the very least it will be bring big rain and rip currents to the beaches this weekend. >> if it makes landfall, yeah we'll leave. >> it's going to be bad from what my mom is telling me. >> perhaps the better thing will be to watch us instead getting information from your mom. the key here is paying attention in the next 24 hours if indeed you do have plans to head out to one of the local beaches this labor day weekend because as we know from this past weekend those rip currents can be very dangerous and very deadly when you have waves of this size farther out in the
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ocean. back to you, peggy. >> thanks so much, kristen. you can keep track of earl and any other tropical systems that develop by logging onto click on weather to download our free hurricane tracker. police in amsterdam are questioning two possible terror suspects after airline security discovered they packed some bizarre travel items, but the u.s. does not believe this was a dry run for a possible attack. a passenger on a united airlines' flight used his cell phone to record dutch police arresting the two. the men triggered a security scare after they found suspicious items in his bag. inside seven cell phones, one bound to a bottle of pepto- bismol. >> anytime anybody's got a whole bunch of cell phones taped to bottles and triggering devices like digital watches
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that sounds like something you would want to know about. >> if it's the case of just cell phones and anti-acid. that's not really good enough. >> no explosives were found and the white house said the men were not on any u.s. terror watch list. it is 5:06 and time for our latest living smart report of the morning. daytona 500 daytona 500 is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. we can say happy september. thank goodness august is out of the way for wall street. it was a really bad one. the stock market just ended its worst august since 2001. the dow off 4.3% alone. already we're seeing green arrows. and checking wall street. the dow stands this morning at 10, 014 after adding five points. the nasdaq lost five and the s&p 500 was up by a fraction. the industry is expected to have seen the slowest august in
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18 years with sales barely over 1 million cars and trucks. expects sales to fall 3% in july. expects an 8% drop from last year but weak sales could usher in a new round of deal for consumers. in the future you could watch older tv shows and movies for free thanks to the retailer is reportedly talking with major companies about offering unlimited views. it's an attempt to stay relevant. it's a funny transition for but it's one of the things that it's thinking about doing. >> got to be rounded. what do you have coming up for us. >> money saver. we're taking another look at cloth diapers and wondering if that's maybe something you want to do to save money. a seven hour standoff in frederick county, maryland is over. the 52-year-old man who threatened to blow up his home with explosives will undergo a
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mental investigation. it began near creek walk drive in walkersville. no one was hurt and no explosive were found. the time is 5:08. next, when the news continues, rescue crews took one big step in saving those 33 trapped miners in chile. and in this morning's health alert, how a trip to the produce aisle could help ward off one of the most lethal forms of cancer.
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welcome back. we're traveling east on the dulles toll road making your way towards the 495 exit. i'll have real time traffic coming up. in the news now at 5:09 a new poll finds that 71% of new yorkers want developers to find a new location for a controversial mosque. the same number of people in the survey say they want attorney general andrew cuomo
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to investigate fundings for the project. cuomo, who is running for governor, has said the building is protected by the constitution. the drilling of a rescue hole for the trapped chile miners is underway. rescuers made a shallow preliminary test hole yesterday. that's the first step in the week long process of digging pilot hole to guide the way for a rescue shaft. the 33 men have been stuck in the mine for 27 days now. nasa conducted a full scale test of a solid rocket more. the static fearing in the utah desert lasts two minutes yesterday. it featured the most powerful rocket more in space agency history. engineers are currently judging the outcome of 53 test objectives. well it could be a new weapon in your battle of the bulge. up next, see how a new machine treats cellulite, fat and wrinkles all at the same time. howard? >> peggy for those who work outside could be another rough day but we've got some relief. i'll let you know when that
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will get here and we'll talk about the labor day holiday weekend and, of course, how earl will impact all of this when 9news returns
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hurricane earl is now lurking over labor day vacation plans for folks on the east coast. earl is now a category 4
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hurricane. category 3 hurricane. forecasters are projecting the storm will approach the u.s. east coast by the weekend. a direct strike to the coast, however, is not certain and forecasters, howard and meteorologists are trying to figure out where it's going. >> it looks like it's going to be real close to the outer banks. they may not get the eye itself but western eyewall could go over hatteras. could even clip towards martha's vineyard and cape cod. it's going to be real close and even if it doesn't the wave action and some of the wind action will be kind of rough, especially friday around here. if you've got weekend plan versus at the beach it's not a washout. it's not a loss. friday maybe but saturday, sunday and monday look a okay. you should be able to enjoy just fine. let's look at today's forecast.
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your bus stop forecast. as temperatures climb into the mid-90s. not much wind south 5 to 10. low 90s for lunchtime. low 90s and bright sunshine at 5:00. air quality's improve. yesterday code red. today code orange which is still unhealthy for growth. light south winds. sunset 7:38 and then tomorrow sunny, hot again. some late clouds south and east and maybe not as hot 90 to 95 and a south wind at 5 to 10 miles an hour. this morning. we've got 60s and 70s. one of the cool spot salisbury at 65. we've got 64 in winchester and culpeper, cumberland 63 while fredericksburg 75 degrees. here in washington 76 degrees under clear skies. dew points in the 60s. humidity 64%. look at the wind only southwest at 3 miles per hour so barely detectable. high pressure is in control so a mild start. a clear start.
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a dry start. you see what's off to the west though approaching chicago this morning. if you have a flight to chicago this morning call ahead there could be delays likely with this weather moving in from iowa and wisconsin. around here we've got a hurricane watch now. hurricane earl from surf city, north carolina up to parramore island in southern virginia. coastline virginia. they're in a hurricane watch. if i said warning i meant watch. they may go tie warning later on. tropical satellite, this is earl. these are the bahamas. this is florida. earl still churning away. it's weakened a little bit. winds at 125. last night they were 135 miles per hour. still a category 3 storm and a little over 1,000 miles from ocean city, maryland. as we go in nimo 4:00 this morning still a formidable storm. each for daytona beach. as it approaches north carolina friday morning winds 125 miles an hour. that's close.
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100 or so. and i think we have some video from the outer banks but right now we can show you some of the wave action. not that big right now. just a couple of feet. some of the waves though with earl are pushing 40 feet offshore. so the closer that gets, that's the worse it's going to be. as long as it stays east they'll get a glancing blow. even ocean city midday on friday. notice it's pulling a little bit farther away. winds 100 miles per hour. this races quickly out of here saturday passing near martha's vineyard and cape cod and into canada. temperatures will come down also, be very pleasant around here for a couple of days. here we go with the seven day. mid-90s today. low 90s tomorrow. friday a drop in there but that's mainly on the eastern shore. i think we're too far west in the metro to see any rain. look at saturday we're down to 80 and back into the upper 80s for the labor day holiday.
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angie? >> sounds good to me. really the only issues we're waking up to now, not in the immediate area. we're going to take you on up southbound route 15. this is where it meets 26. this is out in the frederick county area. looks like we still have the accident taken away. furs headed out this way take your time. in the outer loop in maryland it looks like volume building. the drivers are finding moving up speed. outside of the district making you are yao way up new hampshire. out on inbound new york avenue no accidents here. your conditions here on blazen road and finally let's look in virginia 395 headed northbound a great drive but passed duke street more volume. more drivers hitting the road overall doing okay approaching that 14th street bridge. topping this morning's health alert eating vegetables may help ward off lung cancer. a new study finds a key is a variety of vegetables, not the
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quantity. scientists looked at fresh, canned and dried vegetables. they say quitting smoking is still the number one way to reduce lung cancer risks. even women who workout religiously can still battle cellulite. unfortunately that dimply fat is genetic, thanks mom. as anita brikman reports the fda has approved a device to treat cellulite. >> reporter: she likes wearing shorts but didn't like revealing the cellulite on the back of her legs. >> no matter how much you workout. >> reporter: she's undergoing a new fda-approved technology called reaction it combines existing therapies to treat cellulite and fat pocket and tighten the skin. >> a better overall result with fewer treatments. >> reporter: the treatment uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin's surface and vacuum therapy to increase blood flow to the area. >> heating will cause the collagen to shorten and tighten the skin causes controlled
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injury to the fat and causes the fat to appear. >> reporter: but reaction technology is going to leave a dent in your wallet. the cost about $2,500 for six weeks of treatment and since its cosmetic insurance won't pay. doctors say it usually takes a few visits to see real effects. some patients might bruise a little bit or feel minor discomfort. >> it just felt like someone was giving me a massage with really hot heat. >> reporter: lisa is on her last reaction treatment and says she definitely sees a difference. >> i feel a lot better. i'm not as self conscious. i don't have to wear a little sarong. >> reporter: anita brikman, 9news. >> in order to keep lisa's thighs looking so good, she will need to keep up with this single maintenance treatment once or twice a year. boy, that gets expensive. and doctors warn that nothing can completely reshape the body. sports is next when 9news continues. it appears receiver malcolm kelly's season is over before opening night against the cowboys. óó
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mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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good morning, everyone. donovan mcnabb invited malcolm kelly to his house in phoenix last month so the quarterback could develop some chemistry with the young receiver and what often happens with experiments it blew up. an injury that yesterday ended his season. the redskins placing kelly on injured reserve thus ruling him
5:24 am
out for the entire year. fans expected big things from the former oklahoma star when he was draft in the second round two years ago but kelly had just 28 catches in two seasons and the word bust is trying to enter the conversation. >> i like the guy as a person. i think he's got a lot of qualities that you look for in a football player and main thing is can he get out there on the football field eventually and play. for whatever reason he hasn't and able to stay healthy. >> other injury notes clinton portis returned to practice tuesday. he won't play tomorrow but should be ready for opening night. kyle shanahan said yesterday that donovan mcnabb will be back at practice next week and just fine for the dallas game but dad said that he's not so sure. dad, of course; the head coach mike shanahan who maybe trying to keep the cowboys offbalance with a little injury list poker. >> steven strasburg will have his tommy john surgery on
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friday. if he's looking for a role model how about the guy who pitched for nats last night. jordan zimmer moan what electric last night. six innings of one hit ball struck out nine marlins, he was flat out untouchable. game scoreless in the top of the tenth. adam kennedy with the ground ball. nyjer morgan trying to score on the play. if he slides here he's probably safe. instead, he tries to wipe out the catcher. catcher hangs. morgan is out and we're still scoreless. chad tracey for the marlins, base hit. hanley ramirez trying to score. he does slide and he's called safe and the replay shows it was a good call and the nats lose to the marlins 1-0. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm brett hafer. next, when the news continues hurricane earl is threatening the labor day holiday for hundreds of east coast vacationers. up next, an update on where it is and where the storm could be heading.
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i'm tara mergener in washington. u.s. forces officially kickoff operation new dawn today in iraq. details coming up. outbound on the sea bridge construction still lingering. inbound clear. more traffic and weather. they're together when 9news returns
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welcome back. i'm peggy fox in for andrea roane. thanks for joining us. angie will have our traffic in a moment. what about rain. >> we're not going to get rain with earl. that's the problem. >> say that one more time. >> where's the rain? >> the rain is going to stay east. the coast is going to get rain. the northern neck. you may get in on some this. the eastern shore but here in the metro we're too far west with this storm. >> how about the wind? >> we'll get some breezy conditions. we may get winds 20 to 25. let's go over to the maps and we'll talk about this. this is earl. winds 125, category. it's there coming up on the east side of the bahamas. wave heights over 40 feet around the center of this storm and that's of concern. thankfully it looks like it's going to stay east of us.
5:30 am
the latest track from the hurricane center brings us real close to the outer banks here as we head towards friday morning 2:00 or so late thursday night passing us, morning into midday on friday and racing up to the northeast. we'll do all right for the weekend but ocean city, you've got a beach vacation planned for the holiday weekend friday may be rough but the rest of it will be fine. 76 at national. 66 in winchester and leesburg and manassa, culpeper 63 while hagerstown still 70. 70degrees at naval academy. your day will be a hot one. you can run outside this morning but this afternoon we'll be in the mid-90s with 92 by noon. it's 5:30. take it away, angie. >> hope you're off to a great morning everybody. inside the beltway we're all good in the neighborhood. it's when we go out to the outskirts of frederick county where we have an accident still southbound route 14 at route 24. traffic getting by. 270 you're moving well as you
5:31 am
make your way down towards the split. virginia, virginia 66 eastbound no real problems but we're getting report a disabled vehicle near root 50 drivers still moving at speed. your delay going northbound looks like it's stretching from prince williams' parkway towards route run and going southbound towards thornburg. be wear we're losing right lane due to fire crews trying to contain a brush fire. hurricane earl is continuing to spin towards the east coast. it's forecast to graze north carolina's outer banks late thursday, but virginia's governor isn't taking any advances. governor bob mcdonnell will declare an emergency later this morning. 9news now' kristin fisher has the latest. >> we now know hurricane earl will most likely not make landfall but even the storm has been downgraded to a category 3 hurricane, virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is warning that mandatory evacuation orders are still not out of the of the question for residents along
5:32 am
the coast. now, the latest forecasts are putting the eye of the storm hitting just about 200 miles east of virginia beach, but governor bob mcdonnell warns there's still some risk of tropical storm-force winds, minor flooding and a few feet of storage surge. at the very least it will be bringing big waves and dangerous rip currents to virginia and maryland beaches this weekend. keep in mind some beaches could be closed. you're certainly going to want to pay attention to the latest forecast if you're headed to some of the beaches this weekend. 30 minutes ago north carolina officials issued mandatory evacuation order for parts of the outer banks. so far virginia and maryland have not followed suit but virginia's governor says he will declare an emergency later this morning just to make sure the national guard and the state's emergency personnel have enough time to get in place should earl change course and come closer to making landfall. the navy also isn't taking any chances. they have alerted ships in the waters off of virginia's coast that they may be ordered to go out to sea over the next 24
5:33 am
hours and that really is the critical time period here. we will know much more over the next 24 hours as to exactly where this storm is going, but the big news for all of you planning on heading out of town this labor day weekend heading to the beaches. as you heard howard say friday will be the big bad day rough conditions, saturday and sunday nice, but of course the rip currents and that is the big danger with the storm. life guards are going to be hopefully out in full force after the nearly 500 rescues that lifeguards in ocean city had to deal with last weekend. >> hey, kristen, we know that they are evacuating okra coke island, which is an island you can get to only by ferry. any other places you can expect to be evacuated or surf closed to swimmers, things like that? >> at this point no. that island, the mandatory evacuation orders were just put in place about half an hour ago, 5:00 a.m.
5:34 am
there are other parts of other islands in the outer banks that are also under some mandatory evacuation orders but that is only in north carolina. so far no evacuation orders for virginia and it looks like it will stay that way but again the virginia governor wants everybody along the coast to be on notice. >> often the coast guard does close the surf so we'll have to keep an eye on that as well. thanks a lot, kristen. you can keep track of earl and any other tropical systems that develop by logging onto just click on weather to download our free hurricane tracker. prince george's county police have called off the search for joelle jackson and cornell antonio bennett. a woman claimed bennett barged into her apartment and took jackson at gunpoint. after questioning her they discovered the situation was completely overblown. bennett is the father of the child and the couple have joint custody. officers just want to know if the boy is okay. police in anne arundel are looking for a man also accused
5:35 am
of sexual assaulting an 83-year- old woman. officers say the masked man broke into her home in again burnie early monday morning -- in glen burnie and attacked. no connection to the germantown cases of sexual attacks elderly there. american troops formally bring combat operations to a close. his visit comes just a day after president obama's prime time address to the nation. tara mergener has more from capitol hill. >> it's time to turn the page. >> reporter: u.s. combat operations may have come to an end, but the war in iraq isn't over. >> i can't tell my soldiers you're not a combat armed soldier anymore. that's offensive, you know what i'm saying. we're still out here doing what we did before. >> reporter: today, roughly 50,000 american forces begin operation new dawn. their mission, advising and supporting iraqi security forces over the next year. >> they've got to be successful really early on. the next 90 days will tell whether or not the iraqi security forces have been successful and trained well.
5:36 am
>> reporter: this morning defense secretary robert gates arrived in iraq joining vice president joe biden who's been in the country all week pushing political leaders to end a stalemate and form a new government. president obama also urged iraqi leaders to come to an agreement during his prime time address from the oval office last night. >> i encourage iraq's leaders to move forward with a sense of urgency. to form an inclusive government that is just representative and accountable to the iraqi people. >> reporter: even when an iraqi government finally takes shape, president obama promised the u.s. wouldn't just walk away. >> our combat mission is ending but our commitment to iraq's future is not. >> reporter: that commitment has come with a heavy price. nearly $1 trillion spent and more than 4400 lives lost. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. it is 5:36. it's time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back with a look at home prices in the area. >> these new numbers are giving
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us another reason to say it's really good to live in the washington area and not other parts of the country. the region has enjoyed some of the strong home price gains in the country. the latest report shows that home prices in the washington area were up 7.3% in june compared to the year before and they rose 1.7% from may to june alone. at the same time across the nation prices only rose 4.2% year-over-year. meantime federal safety regulators are investigating possible steering problems some 2011 hyundais. the driver experienced complete loss of steering control. the national traffic highway safety administration is looking into the two cases being reported. using cloth diapers can be better for the environment. they're free of chemicals and coloring and they can save you a ton of cash. after factoring in the cost of diapers and washing them
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parents will save from 400 to $4,000 depending on how long they have to toilet train. for more money saving advice check out my blog. follow me on twitter and i would love to be your friend on facebook. a little bit more work but it saves you some cash. >> you know know anybody who has done it. >> i have friend who's do cloth diapers and they swear by them. >> thanks a lot, sure. moving now, the time is 5:38. when the news continue we'll look at the top stories. the daughter of former new york mayor rudy giuliani faced the music on the shoplifting charge. angie. one great example of that clear commute we're finding throughout the district. more news, that's next, stay with us.
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great morning to you.
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all is a go from the beltway past to the 14th street bridge. more traffic conditions in real time, i'll have them coming up. in the news at 5:41 more trouble for metro after a train operator was caught on camera apparently doing something he shouldn't have. someone snapped this photo of a metro rail driver texting. it was posted on a blog spot mt. news tells 9news now that driver has been suspended with pay pending an investigation. the daughter of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani took a plea deal in a high- profile shoplifting case. 20-year-old caroline giuliani will perform one day of community service. police say the harvard university student was caught stealing makeup from an upscale store in manhattan. her record will be wiped clean if she stays out of trouble the next six months. the time is 5:41. coming up next when the news continues someone could get sued over this.
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a man calls paramedics but ends up getting zapped by a tazer by officers. what happened? not as comfortable as yesterday morning but still okay now. it's going to be another scorcher. we're going to talk about how hot it's going to get and the very latest on hurricane earl when 9news now this morning returns. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area.
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caught on tape in california, a man calls paramedics for help but gets tasered by sheriff's deputies instead. the man said it happened -- look at that. the man say it's happened back in june. he had fallen down his front step and so his wife called paramedics but for some reason sheriff's deputies showed up as well and that's when things got ugly. the deputies kept demanding the man get up and go to the hospital. when he refused, they shot him with a taser. >> all of a sudden they just showed up and came in here like there was a fire going on or
5:46 am
some gun fight was going on. >> the man was then taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest. the man's lawyer says the deputies had no search warrant or legal reason to enter the man's home. the cops claim they thought the man was drunk and suicidal. the sheriff's department is now investigating. that's not a good way to behave if someone is suicidal even. >> nothing, i've got nothing. >> hey association we've got earl out there. >> we do and we need some rain desperately. parts of virginia still in a moderate to severe drought. >> but we're not going to get it. >> no, friends in the shenandoah valley. >> what are you talking about it for then? >> it's going to be a big storm. >> we're not going to get rain here. >> the eastern shore especially towards the atlantic and beaches down towards the outer cape and down towards virginia beach. friday will be a rough day but the rest of the weekend looks all right. let's talk about our weather here., bus stop forecast clear and mild mid to
5:47 am
70s out there. sun is coming up at 6:37. another 50 minutes. it will be light and the kids will be able to wear their shorts and the short sleeves with no problems and then this afternoon it's going to be another hot one. 92 by noon. 92 for the drive home. we top off in the mid-90s. south winds at about 5 to 10 and air quality has improved but still unhealthy for sensitive groups. tonight mild. 65 to 74. sunny and hot again, maybe not as hot. low 90s possibly low 90s in the warm spots and south winds 5 to 10 and late clouds south to east. 68 this morning in georgetown delaware. gaithersburg. montgomery airplane park 66. shen dona valley 60 to 70 while cumberland and culpeper is 63 in fredericksburg a balmier 75.
5:48 am
9 at fort bellvoir krofton 68 and 71 coming in from brandywine and in springfield. national reporting clear skies 76 light winds. it's been light. high pressure is over head and just kept us high and dry and very hot but this is some ref on the way. notice the big time storms that are about pushing through the midwest. this can do a couple of things. it's going to kick earl far enough so it should still stay off-shore but as this front comes through that's going to bring us cooler temperatures for the weekend but right now we've got high pressure. so fairly quiet weather. we have a hurricane watch in effect now from surf city, north carolina up to parramore island, virginia. this maybe upgraded in parts to a hurricane warning later today. perhaps tropical storm warnings is what we're going to be seeing along the maryland and virginia beaches around here. this is earl, category 3 storm, still a well defined e moving off to the northwest. florida's okay. georgia's okay. south carolina beaches are okay
5:49 am
but look at this track with winds 125 gusting to 150, about 1,000 miles or so from ocean city moving off to the north and west and will get close to cape hatteras staying offshore 2:00 friday morning still that's a category 3 storm. big time waves and wind. outer banks may get the western eyewall depending on close this gets and will be passing us midday on friday and so our beaches on friday big waves, big wind. some rain but west of the bay we'll have some high clouds here temperatures a little cooler and the storm races away over the weekend bringing us some much cooler, nicer weather. the seven-day forecast you see the 90s here today and tomorrow. 88 friday and then look at saturday. only 80 built dry and warm on labor day. angie? >> all right, everyone, it's looking nice inside the immediate area here. no accidents in the beltway.
5:50 am
south route 13 in fredericks only letting the shoulder of traffic getting by and so expect delays, more of them than usual. on the outer loop we're doing great. volume is what we're watching. the beltway in virginia is a different situation. everything is all clear out here. we're moving from braddic road up towards 66. finally, we'll camp it a wrap with 395 headed northbound. it's glensboro ride. still a okay crossing that 14th street bridge. peggy, back to you. according to the federal government, there are thousands of recalled products in homes and for sale on the internet. they are dangerous items that can have deadly consequences but have fallen through the cracks. as lesli foster reports they have gone unnoticed. >> reporter: when 16-month-old danny kasar's parents dropped him off day care they had no idea the facility used a dangerous product that would kill him. danny was napping in a crib like this one when the side
5:51 am
collapsed on his neck and suffocated him. a crib that had been recalled five years earlier. >> we really couldn't believe it. we just couldn't understand how such a deadly crib could be in a licensed day care. >> reporter: every year the consumer product safety commission issues recall for millions of products but the message may not be hitting home within some consumers who still have these hazardous items or sell them on the internet. >> recalled items being on the internet is a real problem. >> reporter: this government investigator's indentity is shielded because she's works undercover, scanning the internet daily to look for recalled products. >> it's illegal to sell a recalled product. last year the cpsc shut down 1,000 online auctions involving recalled items but even with daily crackdowns by investigators it's not hard to find dangerous item for sale like this crib. these lawn darts, banned since 1988. >> uninspecting consumers are purchase ing or taking these
5:52 am
products and they're recalled. >> reporter: now, one family touched by tragedy hopes parents will take a closer look at product before they buy. lesli foster, 9news now. >> the time is 5:52. up next, when the news continues we take a look at stars making headlines. plus all of the excitement of stock car racing without the dangers. see why quarter scale racing is catching on. appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. and the customer says, on the carpet." i'm thinking, what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. an exploding crockpot, free-ranging house chickens. call a day's work. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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[ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at oh, my gosh, this is a look at what is buzzing in entertainment, fed up with the cat fights and drama, bethany franco will not be returning as one of the real house wives of new york. franco said last season was scary and painful and she didn't see any reason to go back. no worries to her big fans, however, her second season of her sizzling spinoff bethany is getting married is more than likely to get renewed. >> can you keep up with the kardashians as kim, courtney chloe and chris created another accessory line. k-dark is set to debut live from rockefeller center. the line includes items from
5:56 am
hand bags to leggings. zsa zsa gabor was hospitalized after her husband found her "unresponsive. gabor recently spent three weeks in the hospital after breaking her hip. her daughter's spokesman said her doctor declared her recent incident "not life- threatening." the national bullpen was rocking with patriot pride at a fundraiser for children of those who irv. supporters of our military kids gathered for live music and to throw a few pitches at the event that raised money for children with parents serving our country. >> to help the children keep involved in extracurricular activities while their parent is deployed. it's also been a really nice way of letting the kids know that there are other people out there that care about them and care about what they're going
5:57 am
through right now without their dad. >> thank you, rachel for that report and remember we want your reports too. log onto oh,mygoshtv tv and sent in your pictures. >> thank you very much, angie. >> they may be small but they're big-time fun small scale race cars are the newest craze for racing fans a budget. photojournalist mike kinney takes us to the race lane at a speedway near dallas, texas. >> 7, 6, 24, that is your starting lineup. >> the name of our track is dfw speedway. we do quarter scale racing. it's a cars that one fourth of size of a regular car. >> and that 24 pulls ahead. >> it's a remote control racing just like the nascar guy do's, except we have a controller.
5:58 am
they're a lot like the real thing. everything that you can adjust on a real car is built to be adjusted on these cars also. >> i've been doing it about three years and i'm still learning how to set the car up. >> you can spend a lot more time working on it then when you're racing but just depends on how much you want to work on it and how good you want to do. >> we get up to probably 35 to 38 miles per hour. >> i come out here and checked it out one weekend and somebody let me drive one of their cars and i've been hooked ever since. the nice thing about this car though is or this type of racing, if you have a crash you walk away from it. it's an escape from everyday from work and all of that. come out here and hang out with a bunch of great people vpn a good time. >> you come out here and have fun. >> just enjoy ourselves doing what we do. we invite everybody to come out. we are probably one of the
5:59 am
biggest kept secrets in quarter scale racing. >> that's your race. >> you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm peggy fox. andrea is off this weekend. howard is homer with the forecast. >> tracking for a category 3 storm. going to make it close to the virginia and north carolina coast, slowly inching away from us. let's show you where earl is now. it's in the western atlantic, east of the bahamas moving off to the northwest with winds of 125 miles an hour. going to show you where 9 future cast as we head towards tomorrow and friday morning. by 6:00 friday morning see the eye east of hatteras with the heaviest band raking the outer banks around hatteras even towards norfolk and southern maryland. you can see the feeder band there's but as far as any rain hitting metro i think we're going to be too far west to see it and we need rain. this morning there's no rain. there's nothing. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. another hot sunny day with

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